Climb and Glide on a Zip Line Adventure in Cape Coral

The "Shiny New Toy" at Gator Mike's

How do you feel about climbing a 36-foot wall, navigating a 14-element aerial ropes course, and then soaring through the air on a 550-foot zip line? Sounds exhilarating, doesn't it? Beginning Mid November 2019, you can experience all that at Gator Mike's Family Fun Park's zip line adventure in Cape Coral!

This Aerial Park courses are an exciting way to conquer your fears, build your confidence, and bond with your friends and family. At Gator Mike's, zip lining in Florida has never been more fun!

Waiver Required - Click HERE to sign 

Ride Restrictions:  Age 7+ - minimum with a 69" minimum reach - 69"-74" must go with someone 75" reach or above to assist - 50-250 lb limit


Ropes Challenge Course - $25

Zipline (2 zips) $16

Climbing Wall (5 minutes) $10

Ropes & Zip Combo $37  (Save $4)

Ropes & Climb Combo $31 (Save $4)

Climb & Zip $22 (Save $4)

All 3 $40 (Save $8)
* Prices include Tax 


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Aerial Ropes and Zip Line at Gator Mike's Family Fun Park