Midway Rides

Get your "OLD SCHOOL" on with unique Carnival/fair style rides


Ferris Wheel - $5 - The Largest Fixed Ferris Wheel in South Florida. Take a date or a loved one for a memorable ride and see amazing views of the park and Cape Coral 


Scrambler - $5 - The Original "First Ever built" serial # 00 - Come take a spin on Carnival Ride History 


Tilt-A-Whirl - $5 - Spin-Tilt-and have a blast on this fast paced Action packed Ride


Tea Cups - $3 - Buckets that Spin and rise up and down. A fun ride for younger guests


Carrousel - $4 - A timeless Classic Ride for all ages

Hamptons - $3 - Motorcycles or Quads, you chose the ride, we provide the FUN

Jolly Caterpillar - $3 - For the youngest of Guests


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Midway Rides at Gator Mike's Family Fun Park