Unleash Your Inner Racer at a Go-Kart Park in Florida

Want to experience the most thrilling five minutes of your life? Then hop on a Go-Kart at Gator Mike's Family Fun Park in Cape Coral, FL!


Choose from our three Go-Kart tracks with varying lengths and shapes and go solo or take your kid with you on board a double car. Our Go-Kart amusement park offers some of the most affordable fun and excitement in Cape Coral, so it's a perfect weekend destination for the whole family!

Call us at 239-574-4FUN(386) to book your Go-Kart adventure today!

All Rides are 5 Minutes

Waiver Required - Click HERE to sign 


Ride Restrictions: 

  • Slick (48" Min) - Junior (52" Max) 

  • Grand Nat & Fig 8 Tracks (58" Min)

  • Fig 8 - Drivers License required


$ 8.50 Grand Nat & Fig 8 Tracks

$ 6.50 Slick/Junior Track

(does NOT include 6.5% sales tax)


Click Here for Package Rates


Go-Kart at Gator Mike's Family Fun Park